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About Tamara

Tamara Neufeld Strijack is the Academic Dean of the Neufeld Institute, where she develops and delivers courses and workshops on child development for parents, teachers and helping professionals around the world. Tamara has worked with children and adolescents in various roles over the last twenty-five years. Currently, she works as a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Parent Consultant. Tamara also offers workshops and teaches university courses for teachers and counsellors. Connection, relationship and play continue to be central themes in all her roles, both personally and professionally. 

Tamara has two daughters and lives on the West Coast of Canada.

Reclaiming Our Students

Fact: Children are more anxious, aggressive, and shut down than ever.

Faced with this epidemic of emotional health crises and behavioral problems, teachers are asking themselves what went wrong. Why have we lost our students? More importantly: how can we get them back?
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Tamara with Hannah Beach, co-author of  "Reclaiming Our Students".

Emotional Health Consulting

Sometimes, all it takes is for a single incident in our school to make us realize that something has to change. I have partnered with Hannah Beach to advise schools on how to effectively navigate issues like bullying, aggression, anxiety, and apathy.

Our approach does not focus only on preventing “bad” behaviour or keeping students safe from harm. Our ultimate goal is to support schools of all types to create flourishing learning communities, ones where empathy, inclusion and caring reign.

For more information on emotional health consulting offered by Tamara & Hannah:
Emotional Health Consulting
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